Arts therapy is a form of expressive therapy, which encourages the use of art-making to improve the emotional well-being of an individual. It is utilized based on the belief that the creative process which is integrated in the artistic self-expression, aids people in resolving conflicts and gaining access to their emotions. It also helps them to develop their interpersonal skills, and properly manage their behaviours.

Also, arts therapy has been seen to greatly reduce stress, and develop their self-esteem, whilst granting insight. Popular examples of art therapy include: stress painting, incident drawing, sculpting emotions amongst others.

At rehabilitation centres, arts therapy is often used to assist individuals in communicating their emotions in a manner where they would not have to be verbal. Generally speaking, there are two categories of art therapy, and they are: art as therapy and art psychotherapy. Both forms of therapy are utilized by art therapists in effectively treating addiction, because it assists patients in achieving insights and healing.

Art as therapy emphasizes that the making of art is a therapeutic process, this is because it gives patients an opportunity in fully expressing themselves in an imaginative and authentic way, and with time it would assist them in gaining mastery over any form of addiction which is plaguing them.

The other category of art therapy which is art psychotherapy, is hinged on the idea that art is a form of symbolic communication. Art psychotherapy explains the end product which is used by a therapist and is used to monitor the progress made in treatment.

In the course of recovery, it could be difficult for some people to speak out concerning their painful thoughts or their addiction struggle. Art psychotherapy gives a substitute form of expression. This method is known to assist patients in self-discovery, and eventually self-acceptance.

Expressive therapies, which is a mother-category where arts therapy belongs to, can be said to be an excellent tool which individuals would need on the road to recovery. Art therapy helps an individual to express his emotions in many ways other than talking.

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