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Vital points to know when going for art therapy

If you are considering going for art therapy, there are some important points to note. When you are armed with the necessary knowledge, you will know what to expect from art therapy.

You don’t need artistic prowess

When coming in for art therapy, your artistic prowess isn’t considered. Anyone can benefit from art therapy without being an artistic genius or maestro.

This is why even children or old people can take part in this treatment process. The essence of art therapy is to boost your mental health in the long run and not to test your artistic abilities.

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Art therapy is not an art class

It is crucial to note that art therapy does not train you to become a better artist. This is what art classes are meant for. Art therapy allows you to focus on your inner experience and express them in your most preferred way.

On the other hand, art class teaches you how to go from zero to a hundred as an artist, allowing you to know how to create a finished product.  

When creating art during art therapy, you can focus on your imagination, feelings, and perceptions.

It can take place in different settings

Art therapy can hold in various places. Some of these locations are art studios, community centers, hospitals, homeless shelters, wellness centers, residential treatment centers, schools, mental health offices, etc.

It might not work for everyone

Even though art therapy can help anyone recover from a wide range of mental health problems plaguing them, it might not be effective for everyone.

This is because some people believe that their lack of creativity might hinder them from getting the best out of the program. Therefore, they are likely to be resistant to the healing process that comes with art therapy.

If you think you might benefit from art therapy or you know someone who will, it is important to make your research on where to go.

Important aspects of art therapy

Art therapy is the use of artistic methods to improve mental health. These methods are effective in treating psychological disorders.

Over the years, different studies have shown that art therapy can help people deal with mental illnesses and promote healing.

It is important to note that not everyone with a mental health problem can express themselves through speaking.

Some of them find it easier to use different aspects of art for expression and healing. This is one of the many reasons why art therapy is becoming more popular among the assessment and treatment methods of art therapy.

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This is one of the common aspects of art therapy which involves image creation on an empty canvas. You can also use some tools to manipulate images. Some of the common features in this aspect are watercolors, acrylic paints, spray painting, etc.


When it comes to drawing, it involves using any item to undergo simple mark marking. Some of the supplies that you can use for drawing are pastels, pencils, charcoal, crayon, and pens.

Most people are familiar with some of these supplies, so they will encounter little or no problems when they are using them.


This is another familiar aspect of art therapy. Some people prefer to put down how they are feeling in art therapy through writing. Some of the outlets under this aspect are story-boarding, journaling, and comics. With certain keywords, clients can express themselves.


Sculpturing is an important aspect of art therapy that clients can use to recover fast from mental illnesses. It gives the individual the chance to construct and shape their environment. Some of the supplies used in sculpturing are clay, paper mache, etc.

Other aspects of art therapy include collage, photography, textiles, digital, etc. When it comes to any of these types of art therapy, you don’t have to be an expert.

The goal is to use your preferred method to express yourself. Moreso, the therapists are well-trained to interpret your output and use it to guide you to healing.