An Artist’s Strengths

artist personality strengthsArtists are unique, gifted individuals who possess a common set of strengths among them. No two people are the same, and this is true of artists as well, but there are definitely some common themes among the personalities of artists that makes them able to exist the way they do. These character traits are passion, creativity, imagination, perspective and depth.

  • Passion. It is a well known fact that artists are passionate people. They invest themselves completely in what they care about. Any artist who wants to be recognized for their work (which is essentially all artists) knows how essential it is to devote one’s whole mind to their art. This prompts artists to approach much of life in this fashion: devoting themselves completely to whatever endeavor they pursue with immense passion.
  • Creativity. Obviously, creativity is a strength of every artists. Thinking outside the box, being able to see how to piece together visual elements and being able to think one’s self out of mistakes are essential elements of creativity, and are found within every artist. People know to turn to artist’s for original ideas, perspective and creative flare.
  • Imagination. An artist’s creative ideas are birthed in their imaginations. Imagination is an essential tool of an artist. Possessing strength of imagination gives a person inventive abilities of the conceptual, theoretical and intellectual variety. All of the piecing together of an art project takes place in the imagination, and artists frequently navigate the other parts of their reality through use of their imaginations.
  • Perspective. An artist’s perspective on life is invaluable because they deconstruct everything in their minds with the ability to piece it back together in a more beautiful and meaningful way. They have a gift for seeing how things can be better arranged in an original fashion, and with permission, they will arrange everything around them to suit this ideal.

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