The Lifestyle of an Artist

artist lifestyleArtists are unique, one of a kind people. Every person is an original, but artists often redefine this sentiment. Because of the way their brain’s work, they have a unique perspective on life that makes their lifestyle’s as colorful and as original as their artwork. Every type of artist wrestles with the subjects of their work and it is common for artists to have a dark side, but it is also true that the unique perspective an artist has on life is a refreshing change from the average conforming perspective on life. This originality shows clearly in an artist’s lifestyle, for better or worse.

The essential and universal component of an artist’s psychology is that it defies structure. Art cannot be created within the confines of structure. The artistic process is dependent on completely free thought from birth to completion. This means that every artist protects and values the part of their psychology that opposes structure and celebrates drawing outside the lines. The constructs of society do not support this alternative way of thinking, which often classifies artists as defiant and rebellious. This is often both their appeal and their┬ádetriment.

The way this translates to an artists’s lifestyle is in their creativity. Just as an artist relies on their creativity in their work, they also rely on it to get through life. Artists are not at all a well taken care of group of people when it comes to finances and security, and they are forced to fend for themselves in a variety of creative ways in the spirit of defiance, survival and self honor. They are equally creative in all other areas of life. The way they dress, cook, socialize, decorate and fill their time all speak to originality and creativity. Often, the people who are drawn to artists simply cannot get enough of them because of the uniqueness they bring to life. An artist spirit is rewarding to be around and serves as a splash of color in an otherwise gray social landscape.

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